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Anglicans for Life Canada is a pastoral ministry dedicated to the biblical foundations of upholding the Sanctity of Human Life. Anglicans for Life Canada provides biblically based programs and support to assist church communities and individuals to compassionately apply God’s Word when addressing life issues.

To contact National Director Vicky Hedelius, please email vicky@anglicansforlifecanada.com or for more information contact  communications@anglicansforlifecanada.com


Celebrating 10 years of Life Affirming Ministry in Canada

Back in 2014, when the Lord called me and some other concerned Anglicans into this specific ministry, we had no idea what lay ahead – especially the overwhelming speed in which the Culture of Death would overtake our nation and become normalized in Canada. Today, both inside and outside the church, increasing numbers of people are experiencing physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering, despair and isolation and in many cases the deadly loss of HOPE. It’s a greater pandemic than any COVID virus we’ve experienced. 

Really, if one’s life feels ‘meaningless’ and ‘worthless’, then why are we here?  Not a new question – just one that hits deep into each and every person’s very being at different times and situations of life.  

And that is why AFLC continues to reach out to you today to

Vicky Hedelius
National Director


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