About us

We are a Pastoral Ministry dedicated to

  • The Sanctity of Human Life
  • Supporting others who share the call to affirm life
  • Compassionately applying God’s Word to life challenges through biblically based programs.

AFLC Ministry has been established to assist and serve the Church in exploring life issues from a biblical perspective. Every Christian community is called to love God with all one’s heart, soul and mind and to love one’s neighbour as one’s self. (Christian Faith and Pastoral Care)

At the core of all pastoral care and support is the biblical view of the sanctity of human life. To better meet the needs of one’s neighbour, it is most useful to have some understanding of their situation and how to best offer support. The Church, that seeks to stay relevant in pastoral care in their congregation and neighbourhood, needs to be fully engaged in faith development, the biblical foundation of the sanctity of human life and the many ways these manifest themselves in every aspect of pastoral care.

Christians have always been at the forefront of pastoral care from the beginning of Christianity. AFLC’s Ministry is dedicated to being a part of this opportunity to equip the Church to meet the growing pastoral needs and together bring spiritual and practical comfort and healing to the vulnerable.

This Ministry’s work is ongoing. As churches (clergy and laity) identify more pastoral needs, they are reaching out to AFLC for additional resources and support. It is evident that these biblical, pastoral resources and supports must be developed and implemented and continually updated.

As a registered Canadian Charity, your financial support enables AFLC to:

  • Develop and distribute biblically based pastoral care focused materials.
  • Offer seminars, workshops, programs and courses.
  • Use a variety of media by which to communicate with Life Affirming Churches across Canada.
  • Train Volunteers in local churches as Life Leaders and assist clergy and laity in their pastoral ministries with the vulnerable in their communities.