Pastoral Letter from Bishop Trevor Walters, ANiC

The Danforth Shooting in Toronto

A message from Bishop Trevor

I returned yesterday from the serene environment of the Colorado Rockies where I had witnessed more dramatic breakthroughs and healing than ever before, in the seven ACNA clergy attending the Anglican Leadership Initiative, to the horrific news of another shooting in Toronto.

The deaths and injuries on the Danforth were deeply disturbing. God had been so present in the majesty of His creation, but where is He in the valley of our creation?
I have seen Him today as I have read the news reports of people determined to take back the streets and to stand “Danforth Strong”. I have seen Him in the compassion for the dead and the injured, the bravery of the first responders and the long hours of doctors at the end of their shifts caring for those brought to the hospital.

Courage and bravery does not however cancel out the loss and suffering. We cannot let evil trump goodness. From far away I see that the people of Toronto are rising up to let goodness be the last word and we are proud of you for the clarity of your vision for the future.

I believe that God is always more present in the valley of the shadow of death, than on the mountain tops. Yet, it is not as easy to see His Shepherd presence in the valleys of our cities.  But the Bible assures us that He came for the lost, the broken hearted; He comforts those who mourn, He weeps with those who weep and He gives peace in the midst of fear and anxiety.

Once more we have seen the hand of evil. Once again God’s loving, saving hand will be seen in your outreach, compassion and ministry to our broken world. May God give you strength to rise up and be “God Strong”.

Peace and Blessing,