Introducing Project Life Canada

Anglicans for Life Canada offers this eight week course to give a comprehensive snapshot of life issues and how Christians can make a difference for life.

A Biblical, Christian worldview of life issues will be explored during the course.

Scripture is our ultimate teacher and source of authority for all we present in the Project Life series. We have added research data and testimony to reinforce the fact that Biblical truths remain foundational and relevant in our culture today.

To assist clergy and laity in pastoral care, the following topics are covered: abortion, post-abortion, adoption, abstinence, euthanasia and assisted suicide, stem cell research. Participating in this course will help equip congregations and individuals to  better understand and respond in Christian love to the needs of others.

To learn more or to order Project Life for your small group or church, please contact Anglicans for Life National Director Vicky Hedelius at or 905-220-0292.