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Welcome to Anglicans for Life Canada!

Anglicans for Life Canada is a pastoral ministry dedicated to the biblical foundations of upholding the Sanctity of Human Life. Anglicans for Life Canada provides biblically based programs and support to assist church communities and individuals to compassionately apply God’s Word when addressing life issues.

To contact National Director Vicky Hedelius, please email vicky@anglicansforlifecanada.com or info@anglicansforlifecanada.com or call 905-220-0292

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Come Bless Our God!, Praying for Canada by John Goodwin

Introducing Author, Pastor and Missionary, Jane Goodwin and her Children’s Books.

Order here:   https://www.worshipwithus.ca/books/book-store


All About the Story: COVID-19 Coping Strategies (weekly radio show)

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