Looking Ahead: How Your Dying Impacts Those Around You


It’s invitation. It’s community. It’s unfolding.

If there is a book that can help you live life with purpose right up until your last breath, this is it.

This practical and hopeful book is a distillation of 30 years of work and study in the area of death, dying and bereavement. Author Rick Bergh shares his professional and personal experience as one who has lived through the loss of his first wife along with his four children, and his work with hundreds of people in their last chapter of life.

Looking Ahead will:

• Show you how to invite others into your important remaining days on earth
• Help you identify your new purpose and meaning in unexpected ways
• Give you tools to engage loved ones in meaningful conversation
• Provide a framework that enables family to be key contributors in your unfolding story

Far beyond a book that prepares you and your family for your death, Looking Ahead offers its readers 17 tried-and-true principles to live fully in the present. It will inspire you to author your own story and engage your family and friends in your journey looking forward.

About the Author

Rick Bergh’s calling is to provide resources for those who are dying and grieving. His life’s passion is to write, speak and provide practical information through his books, workshops and speaking engagements. Rick is an ordained minister, counselor and thanatologist. He lives with his wife, Erica, in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Learn more at www.rickbergh.com or www.intentionalgrief.com

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