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AFLC Embrace The Journey Program – An 8 week small group program on Aging – God’s Way!  Stay Tuned for this timely pastoral program.

Top Ten Series Resource
We are excited to partner with Rev. Rick Bergh, offering a grief resource that can be easily incorporated into your existing website.

It is also designed to be printed out as a brochure – a series of TOP TEN frequently asked questions on the subject of grief.

You will also be granted copyright privileges to use this information in newsletters, bulletins, during visitation or in small group discussions or Bible studies.

Grief Start Online Course
Rick will also be unveiling Grief Start, an online course that will begin in February.

Sometimes people need or want ongoing pastoral care following a loss they have experienced. Other people need sound bereavement education they can trust.

Grief Start is an online course that Rick personally teaches and facilitates.

He makes the course available only three times a year and engages the participants through a protected online community, where together they move through this 5-module course.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource, discovering how it might supplement your pastoral care ministry or experiencing the course yourself, then Rick invites you to contact him at

 If you had a chance to attend Rick’s workshop at Synod, you will know that Anglicans for Life Canada collaborated with him to bring out an important book entitled SoulFULL Conversations: How to Bring Your Family and Friends into Your Last Chapter. This resource is extremely practical and provides a tool to be used in your end-of-life work. The link to purchase it     is

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Trevor Walters, ANiC

The Danforth Shooting in Toronto

A message from Bishop Trevor

I returned yesterday from the serene environment of the Colorado Rockies where I had witnessed more dramatic breakthroughs and healing than ever before, in the seven ACNA clergy attending the Anglican Leadership Initiative, to the horrific news of another shooting in Toronto.

The deaths and injuries on the Danforth were deeply disturbing. God had been so present in the majesty of His creation, but where is He in the valley of our creation?
I have seen Him today as I have read the news reports of people determined to take back the streets and to stand “Danforth Strong”. I have seen Him in the compassion for the dead and the injured, the bravery of the first responders and the long hours of doctors at the end of their shifts caring for those brought to the hospital.

Courage and bravery does not however cancel out the loss and suffering. We cannot let evil trump goodness. From far away I see that the people of Toronto are rising up to let goodness be the last word and we are proud of you for the clarity of your vision for the future.

I believe that God is always more present in the valley of the shadow of death, than on the mountain tops. Yet, it is not as easy to see His Shepherd presence in the valleys of our cities.  But the Bible assures us that He came for the lost, the broken hearted; He comforts those who mourn, He weeps with those who weep and He gives peace in the midst of fear and anxiety.

Once more we have seen the hand of evil. Once again God’s loving, saving hand will be seen in your outreach, compassion and ministry to our broken world. May God give you strength to rise up and be “God Strong”.

Peace and Blessing,


Sanctity of Life Sunday and Week of Affirming life, May 6 2018


Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 

Thank you for participating in Sanctity of Life Sunday on May 6, 2018!

We all know how precious life is – from conception to last breath. But once in a while we need to be more intentional and thankful. We have much to thank God for when it comes to life – in all its variety, colour, ethnicity and age.

From the little baby formed in the womb that emerges into a brand new world to the aged with life found in wrinkled hands preparing to leave to a new world, we affirm life as a gift from God.

God, you are amazing!

Not only do we affirm life, we talk about it to our children, grandchildren and friends.  We hold it in high regard and value its wonder and beauty as it points to the One who created it.

All of life is made up of moments that are “On the Way” – this year’s Theme presented by Anglicans for the Life Canada.

These bookends of life – conception to death – and the entire story in between is all God’s to author. And He has chosen us to be part of his ongoing story as we walk with his Son, Jesus.

  • Will you talk about this gift of life on the first Sunday in May, the Sunday designated by ANiC as Sanctity of Life Sunday?
  • Who on the way needs to hear an important message about life as a gift from God?
  • Will your message about the gift of life speak to someone who has a hidden abortion experience and needs God’s touch of forgiveness and grace? Or will it help the woman who needs to make a decision concerning an unplanned pregnancy? Will your message about the gift of life meet the aged who is in failing health, has a terminal illness or is just growing old and wondering if the remaining days on earth really count and if last moments can be used for God’s purposes?

We encourage you to take the opportunity to add something special into your worship service that affirms life as a gift from God.

The Week of Affirming Life   May 6 – 12, 2018
 “On The Way”

 Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 

 This is a week of Celebration and Sharing the Good News of the Gospel!

All of life is made up of moments that are “On the Way”  from conception to last breath. These bookends of life – conception to death – and the entire story in between is all God’s to author. And He has chosen us to be part of His ongoing story as we walk with his Son, Jesus.

How will your congregation participate?

 Host an “ON THE WAY” Gathering in your community.

 Welcome others to come and join in the celebration.   

  • Invite others to join in a time of prayer and praise!
  • Invite a special Speaker to share about other pastoral care groups in your area
  • Have a Party and celebrate what God is doing in your Lives – Your community
  • Reach out to those who are vulnerable in your neighbourhood – Share Jesus’ Compassion and Love!
  • Join with others at the March For Life in your area to proclaim the Sanctity of Human Life. For more information check out the March for Life website.
  • Want more ideas? Check our newsletter here. ___



Tuesday May 8  

  • AFLC Team – Grace Church Almonte, ONCELEBRATING LIFE Luncheon
    hosted by the parish Seniors’  Keen Agers!
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – Ottawa – Premier Screening “Fatal Flaws” –

Wednesday May 9

  • AFLC  – The Next Wave Event –  Ottawa –  6 pm.  Pizza, Fellowship   Guest Speaker – Rev’d Rick Bergh  click here for bio   Why Life-Affirming Churches Are Positioned Well For The Harvest!
    The Bible House,315 Lisgar St. Ottawa ON,K2P 0E1
    RSVP here to register.   Love Offering for AFLC Ministry

 Thursday May 10

Saturday May 12

  • AFLC Event – Oakville ON Hosted by St. Hilda’s  Guest Speaker – Rev. Rick Bergh
    More info here.

Sunday May 13

  • Church of the Epiphany Hamilton – 9:30 am Worship – Guest Speaker – Rev. Rick Bergh


Looking Ahead: How Your Dying Impacts Those Around You


It’s invitation. It’s community. It’s unfolding.

If there is a book that can help you live life with purpose right up until your last breath, this is it.

This practical and hopeful book is a distillation of 30 years of work and study in the area of death, dying and bereavement. Author Rick Bergh shares his professional and personal experience as one who has lived through the loss of his first wife along with his four children, and his work with hundreds of people in their last chapter of life.

Looking Ahead will:

• Show you how to invite others into your important remaining days on earth
• Help you identify your new purpose and meaning in unexpected ways
• Give you tools to engage loved ones in meaningful conversation
• Provide a framework that enables family to be key contributors in your unfolding story

Far beyond a book that prepares you and your family for your death, Looking Ahead offers its readers 17 tried-and-true principles to live fully in the present. It will inspire you to author your own story and engage your family and friends in your journey looking forward.

About the Author

Rick Bergh’s calling is to provide resources for those who are dying and grieving. His life’s passion is to write, speak and provide practical information through his books, workshops and speaking engagements. Rick is an ordained minister, counselor and thanatologist. He lives with his wife, Erica, in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Learn more at or

Order your copy here.

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Introducing Project Life Canada

Anglicans for Life Canada offers this eight week course to give a comprehensive snapshot of life issues and how Christians can make a difference for life.

A Biblical, Christian worldview of life issues will be explored during the course.

Scripture is our ultimate teacher and source of authority for all we present in the Project Life series. We have added research data and testimony to reinforce the fact that Biblical truths remain foundational and relevant in our culture today.

To assist clergy and laity in pastoral care, the following topics are covered: abortion, post-abortion, adoption, abstinence, euthanasia and assisted suicide, stem cell research. Participating in this course will help equip congregations and individuals to  better understand and respond in Christian love to the needs of others.

To learn more or to order Project Life for your small group or church, please contact Anglicans for Life National Director Vicky Hedelius at or 905-220-0292.